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Hoop Dreams is offering basketball clinics for 3rd and 4th graders on Friday evenings at Harborfields High School from 7:00-8:30 pm from December through February.  Beginners and experienced players are welcome.  Experienced coaches will teach fundamentals of the game we love in a lively and fun atmosphere. There will be 10-12 sessions from December to February.  Cost is $149 for the season. Deadline to sign up is November 15th. Click above to register.

What is it?


75-90 minutes of very fun basketball activities designed to start a foundation of skills for the game of basketball.  The session is set up to teach fundamentals first and then compete in contests against each other showing off those fundamentals.  The whole idea is to have the kids end the session with a much better knowledge of WHAT to do on the basketball court and more importantly WHY to do it.  They are learning through contests and live experiences in a high energy fun atmosphere so they have an absolute blast.

The last 15 minutes or so will be scrimmages so the kids can play a real game against each other.  Too many kids start playing basketball without any knowledge of the fundamentals.  We teach pivoting, dribbling, passing, defense, setting picks, and shooting. 


Who is it for?

Boys AND girls from age 8-10, basically 3rd and 4th grade.  If we have demand for 5th graders we would be happy to oblige.  My daughter is in 5th grade and will be there.


When is it? – Friday evenings from 7-8:15/8:30 all winter long, 10 total sessions from December 2nd through the end of February.


Cost - $149 for whole season of 10 sessions

Commitment – come as often as your schedule allows

Goals – at the end of February your son or daughter should know the following

  • proper way to dribble with both hands with their heads up in the air
  • how to throw a bounce pass using their legs and hands properly and for power
  • how to set a pick to get a teammate open, proper defensive stance and position
  • how to pivot with their head up looking for an open teammate
  • proper stance and form in shooting