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HOOP DREAMS NY presents:

700/100 Club

May 9th - June 24th

Hoop Dreams Players Only

7 Weeks — Per Week Goals:

700 Jump Shots MADE per Week 

100 Jump Shots made per day

100 Minutes of Dribbling per week

15 Minutes of Dribbling per day


Driveway, Park, Kitchen Table, whatever works!


Winners receive full HOOP DREAMS GEAR PACKAGE - Backpack, Sweatpants, Hoodie, Shooting Shirt

Highest Dribbbling Minutes
Total 6th, 7th 8th grade (3 Prizes)

Age Groups:

Highest Shooting Total
6th, 7th, 8th (3 Prizes)


1) Click below to register to win

2) Mark your daily totals on each date you either dribble or shoot

** If the totals look fishy we will make the winning players show proof of work!  If the player doesn't perform on test day, the totals will be voided and the player with the next highest total will win


Player must opt in and track your own shots and dribbling minutes on the Google Sheet below.  Simply click the signup link below, type "IN" next to your name, and get to work shooting and dribbling!  You can also use the Home Court app to track your shots and dribbling


Homecourt App was developed by NBA star steve nash.  Players can use the HOMECOURT app to have the app count the shots for them!  Simply follow the app directions, set the phone to see the basket, and it counts it for you!