JERRY POWELL's Basketball Results & HOOP DREAMS NY 


 Holiday Season Basketball Training Sessions

12/3, 12/6, 12/12, 12/17, 12/19   7-9 pm

Huntington locations

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Cost: $40 per session, $99 for 3 sessions, $179 for 6 sessions

Attend whichever sessions convenient to your family schedule 

All purchases carry over.  Trainings will run all winter and all spring, you always retain any sessions you purchase now.

Pro Basketball Training

Pro Trainer JERRY POWELL trains NBA stars regularly.  These NBA players all have trained with Jerry in recent months. Come train like the NBA pros do with Jerry Powell.

Kevin Durant Warriors

Paul George Thunder

LeBron James Lakers

Eric Bledsoe Bucks

Reggie Jackson Pistons

Danny Green Raptors

Allen Craft Nets

Basketball Results is what you get at Jerry Powell's HOOP DREAMS Trainings because our reputation is on the line. We have unmatched passion for the game, we refuse to let the player fail, no mistake goes uncorrected and we pride ourselves on teaching the correct fundamentals. We excel with kids with low self esteem and we teach with an extremely intense atmosphere.

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