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WINTER Season – December - February

Hoop Dreams will be participating in the Titans Winter Basketball League.  Games will take place at NorthSport Athletic Facility, Wyandanch Youth Center, Henry Kauffman Sports Complex and Nex Gen Sports.  Practices will be at Walt Whitman HS and Harborfields HS for Huntington/Northport based teams and James Wilson Young Middle School in Bayport for Bayport/Ronkonkoma based teams.

There will be a 10 game schedule plus playoffs and weekly practices.  Cost is $279 for the winter season.  Deadline to sign up is Thursday November 23rd.  This includes game shirt, 10 games and 10 practices.

Teams – we will have set team rosters for the Winter league schedule.


Practices – 1 practices per week 

Games – the games will be held mostly on  weekends.  Occasional weeknightgames are possible.  No far flung travel.  Special efforts will be made to attempt to avoid conflicts with CYO teams.


Commitment – 1 practice per week is mandatory so the team can assimilate together and get used to playing with each other, learn the offenses, defenses etc.  Usually 1 game per week on weekends; once in a while there may be 2 games on a weekend.




By definition the Spring AAU season is a series of weekend tournaments.  We have 2 practices during the week and tournaments on 6 out of 12 weekends between 3/15 and 6/15.  All games are played on weekends, usually two games one weekend day and one game another day, sometimes more. Most tourneys are held on LI, some in Westchester.   

Teams – we will have set teams for the Spring AAU tournament schedule that will be decided in early March.


Practices – Mandatory 2 practices per week depending on gym time and games on weekends. 


Personal Training

Personal training will be offered in the locations that we have practices in.   Info and Inquiries on the


Commitment – AAU Spring season is more of a commitment.  Your son needs to be at practice as much as possible and at as many of the tournaments as possible.  We carry a specific number of players on each team so we can have as much playing time as possible.  Showing up to a tournament game with 6-7 players prepared to play 2 or even 3 games that day is unfair to the coach and to the rest of the players.  The commitment to the team and the coach is exceedingly important.


Conflicts during Spring AAU season

There will be conflicts of course that’s natural.  Any coach who tells you your son needs to commit to one sport at this age should stop coaching and reevaluate why he/she coaches.  We do this for the kids growth and enjoyment.  There is no reason a kid should have to choose between sports at age 12 or 13.  We have many lacrosse and soccer and baseball players who manage schedules as best they can during the spring.  We understand this.  Communication is the key. That said, there is also no reason a coach should wake up on Sunday morning and have to stress about getting an 8th or 9th player for his 2 games that day.  Especially when it is because a family decided last minute to play sport X that day over basketball.  It’s ok to manage a schedule, we just have to know about it well ahead of time.  So the rule on conflicts (or at least potential) is Tuesday night of that week.


Schedules – most tournaments have their schedule done by Monday of that week.  There is one organization that we will stay as far away from as we can that gets their schedule out on Wednesday night sometimes late at night.  So we should know the weekend lineup by Tuesday.

Tournament Dates – We will have tournament weekend dates carved in stone by the end of March so you can set your spring calendar.